No time like the beginning of the year to announce your new beginning right?

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I’m usually a dive in head first kind of girl.  That’s how I taught myself jewelry after all and I just didn’t worry about needing to know it until I needed to know it.  But this new adventure in art does require a little bit more care and feeding.  At most with jewelry I just tore it apart and started over again, or if it was an engraving, I could save any of it as long as it wasn’t a face or hands.  So I’ve been compiling new supplies and tools like mad, setting up my new makers space, and impatiently waiting for me to find time and my gosh I’ve not had time.  Switching mediums is a pretty scary investment in that you’re researching stuff like crazy, spending way too much money and your head is just flooded with dreams and ideas.

So I am going to get my discombobulated crap together now.  I am enrolled in what looks to be an amazing print making class.  I have all my crap.  And I’m going to launch this thing!

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