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Down the rabbit hole...

So much about everything I have ever made started with the phrase "I wonder?"  I wonder what would happen.  I wonder how to do this.  I wonder if that is even possible.  And I've always made the I wonders turn into wow that's kind of cool.  OK, yawn, NEXT!  So why not this?

I've designed jewelry for you for the last 7 years.  I've brought stuff to market no one else was doing or had even seen before.  I kept shoving out new lines, learning new techniques, and experimenting.  I never did on trend, or if I tried it to do on trend.  Um, it wasn't.  I tried to find stuff that would appeal to the masses but what can I say.  I'm special little one, so my stuff only only appeals to a few.  And I so love you.

So now this is my next big adventure. I'm going to paint gorgeous designs and colors on mid century furniture. I'm going to find vintage mid century home decor and funk it up. I'm going to make stuff for the walls, and pillows, and tea towels, and bags, and table runners, and oh wow brain stop! But it never does so what the heck. I'm going to do silk screened and block printed textiles too. I have some really cool ideas. And really, what made me a really great jewelry designer? It was my eye for color, texture and balance. So please just keep watching OK?

Hi.  I'm the Reagan Juel, behind well Reagan Juel.

A lot of you know me as well, "Reagan Juel", and I really am her.  Reagan Juel Nissen-Eubank. I know, there is a lot to me for such a short girl.

And so now I'm going to be the Reagan Juel behind The Mad Hatter Design.  And you guys are going to love this story.  So I'm driving my car with all these new ideas in my head and I"m like I probably better find a new name.  Reagan Juel is jewelry.  This needs to be something different.  And then I had like the coolest idea.  So I ran home, jumped on GoDaddy and said no way!  No one owns that!!!!  Alice in Wonderland is my favorite movie ever, my favorite quote ever is "You're mad, bonkers, completely off your head.  But I'll tell you a secret.  All the best people are."

It was meant to be folks, and huge sign, like HUGE!

So I give you The Mad Hatter Design, with jewelry by our little Reagan Juel.


Reagan Juel Nissen-Eubank

The Mad One